The Service

OnLine English provides a professional editing (English correction and improvement) service to those who need to reach an international audience.

OnLine English gives individuals, research organizations and businesses access to a large, expert team of academic and scientific consultants, covering all fields. It is a fast, efficient way of converting the English of your documents to English of the highest quality.

How to use the service

Placing an order :
1. When your document is ready for editing, click on the blue 'Place Your Order' button on the right side of the page.

2. Follow the instructions to log on to our secure web server, enter your order details and upload your document.

3. We will send either a quotation or a confirmation of your order by email, usually within six hours.

* If you are a new client, we will send a quotation and await your acceptance and payment before we begin editing your document. You will receive a receipt from our secure third-party payment processing service. A PDF of your receipt can be sent on request.

* If you are a previous client and you have established an account with us, you can request a quotation before we begin editing your document; otherwise, we will send a confirmation of your order and begin editing your document immediately. After we have returned your edited document and you have confirmed that you are fully satisfied, we will send an invoice. Our normal invoice payment terms are "Payment within 14 days".

4. If you have any questions, you can contact us at 

After we have edited your document:

5. We will send you an email when your edited document is ready to download.

6. Please check the changes to your text and any additional OnLine English comments. If you have questions or make further changes, you can send follow-up requests.

7. If we do not receive any follow-up requests from you within 30 days after we return your edited document to you, then we assume that you are fully satisfied.

Note: While OnLine English takes all reasonable care with the conversion of documents, final responsibility for the meaning and use of the document remains wholly with the client. OnLine English and its consultants disclaim liability for any loss, damage or injury resulting from the use of edited material.

Turn-around times

The standard turn-around times for documents accepted by OnLine English are as follows:

  •     for fewer than 400 words, two days   
        for 400 words - 1,999 words, three days
        for 2,000 words - 5,999 words, four days
        for 6,000 words - 7,999 words, five days
        for 8,000 words - 9,999 words, six days
        for 10,000 words - 12,000 words, seven days
  •     for longer documents, by negotiation.

The turn-around time commences when OnLine English confirms acceptance of an order, usually within six hours of receiving the document.

An express service of half the standard turn-around time is available for an additional fee.

Fee and payment information

OnLine English fees are based on the OnLine English fee schedule. Once you place an order, we send a message by email confirming the fee, usually within six hours. You know in advance exactly what you will be paying.

The base fee for each order comprises a processing fee and an editing fee based on the number of words in the document. This base fee may be modified by the application of surcharges or discounts.

Surcharges are applied for the express service and for documents that require heavy editing.

Discounts are applied for large documents.

New clients pay OnLine English by credit card (Visa, MasterCard or AMEX) by secure online payment.

Clients who have established an account have four ways of paying OnLine English.
  •  Credit card - Visa, MasterCard, AMEX (by facsimile or by secure online payments)
  •  Electronic funds transfer
  •  Personal, company or bank cheques in over 15 national currencies
  •  PayPal

OnLine English uses the exchange rates reported by Xenon Laboratories Inc .

Invoices and receipts as PDF files can be sent by email on request.

OnLine English must receive full payment within 14 days after an invoice is sent.


Editing principles

For research papers, OnLine English appoints a first reader who has a PhD in the relevant discipline or who is an editor and reviewer of relevant international journals. A second edit is undertaken by an editor with a strong linguistic background. Then one of our managers provides a final quality check.

OnLine English editors make changes to documents:
  • to remove errors and to make sentences grammatically correct, to make the meaning clear when it is difficult to understand, to impose appropriate conventions of style, and
  • to modify expressions that can be improved in a useful way (e.g., made shorter, more precise, or conforming to standard English).

OnLine English clients retain full responsibility for the content, structure and logic of their documents. Our editors do not make modifications at this level.

Where an author's apparent preferred spelling is consistent with current scholarly usage as per the relevant international professional organisation or Google Scholar, this will be retained; otherwise, the first spelling in the specified dictionary will be applied.

OnLine English respects an author's style at all times and does not make unnecessary changes.

If, however, a client has poor English and requires additional assistance, OnLine English will rewrite paragraphs or an entire document, upon request.

OnLine English will edit student papers, but our own ethical principles prevent us fromrewriting papers that are part of a student's assessment.

OnLine English clients are able to discuss any issues arising from the editing of their documents until they are satisfied that their intended meaning is expressed precisely.

Because we follow the principles outlined above, leading researchers confidently use OnLine English, knowing that we enable them to say what they want to say in clear well-constructed English. 

Editor areas of specialization


OnLine English manages documents of all types (for example, research papers and abstracts, educational and teaching materials, conference presentations, referees' reports, responses to referees' reports, CVs, newsletter articles, annual reports, proposals and submissions).

Whatever your area of expertise, OnLine English should be able to help. Included in our large team, we have editors with PhD qualifications in the following fields. Click on any of the headings below for more details about our specific expertise.


Agricultural science 
Biomedical science 
Computers/Computer science 
Earth sciences/Geology 
Health sciences 
Marine science/Oceanography 
Medical sciences 
Remote sensing 
Sociology/Social science/Politics 
Veterinary Science 
Zoology/Animal behaviour

Full list of specialist fields covered by OnLine English


File types

OnLine English accepts files using the following software:
Microsoft Word for Windows (versions 2 - current)
Microsoft Word for Mac (versions 4 - current)
Microsoft Works for Windows (versions 2 - current)
Microsoft Works for Mac (versions 3 - 4)
LaTeX, TeX
Rich Text Format - RTF
Scientific Word
Scientific Workplace
Text files - simple text (ASCII)
WordPerfect for Windows (versions 5 - current)
Microsoft Excel 
Microsoft PowerPoint

Please DO NOT send:
Adobe acrobat (PDF) files (unless for reference purposes)
Attached image files (.jpeg, .tiff, .gif, .emf, etc.)
Style and other associated files used by LaTeX/TeX software

For LaTeX files
Please send a PDF copy for reference purposes.

Large graphics
If possible, please remove large graphics (>500kb) from files before sending.

Reference management software
Please note that OnLine English does not edit citations or references generated by reference management software such as EndNote, ProCite or Biblioscape, due to incompatibility between versions of this software, and because our changes may be overwritten if the citations or references are regenerated later. However, we will note separately any corrections needed to such citations or references.

OnLine English: Superior English editing

About OnLine English

OnLine English offers English correction and improvement services for authors whose native language is not English.

We specialize in papers for journal submission.

We also edit documents of all types (for example, research papers and abstracts, conference presentations, referees' reports, responses to referees' reports, educational and teaching materials,  CVs, newsletter articles, annual reports, proposals and submissions).

Who We Are

OnLine English was established in 1995 to bring together Australian scientific and linguistic expertise to deliver a superior English language support service to scientists, researchers and other professionals around the world. 

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