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OnLine English is a division of PressCorps Pty Ltd, a registered Australian business (ABN 90 097 684 636).

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The quality of the OnLine English service has been certified as being assured by a registered ISO 9001:2001 quality system by NCS International, certificate number 8497.

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OnLine English
Division of PressCorps Pty Ltd (ABN 90 097 684 636)
CEO: Brad Hooper

Postal Address: 11/3-5 Marathon Road, Darling Point NSW 2039, Australia
Phone: +61 3 5294 0933

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Copyright to the contents of this web site is held by PressCorps Pty Ltd.

The e symbol with OnLine English is the registered trademark of OnLine English. This trademark is registered in the countries from which OnLine English draws most of its clients.

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