Quality Guarantee

Terms and Conditions

OnLine English guarantees that the quality of the English in your edited documents will meet the standards of the international scientific publishing industry and journal reviewers.

OnLine English editors make changes to documents:

  • to remove errors and to make sentences grammatically correct, to make the meaning clear when it is difficult to understand, and to impose appropriate conventions of spelling and style (Silver editing level);
  • to modify expressions that can be improved in a useful way (e.g., made more precise, more concise, or conforming to standard English usage with regard to the academic area of the document) (Gold editing level);
  • to improve expression extensively and to provide comment and feedback on all aspects of the document (Platinum editing level).

After you receive your OnLine English-edited documents, please check our comments and changes. It is our policy to work with our clients to try to ensure that they are satisfied with our editing service. If you have any questions about our editing, or if you make any changes and wish us to check them, please submit your document as a follow-up request. To do this, log on to your OnLine English homepage, select the order, and click on ‘Follow-up request’. You should ensure that all changes are clearly marked. This is best done by having the ‘Track Changes’ function turned on. Documents returned by OnLine English already have the ‘Track Changes’ function turned on (see follow-up requests).

There is no additional charge for our follow-up service, unless extensive changes are made. Even if you make major changes to the document, our re-editing service is available for a discounted fee (see follow-up request fees).

If we do not receive any follow-up requests from you within 30 days, then we assume that you are fully satisfied.

How to use the quality guarantee

If you receive negative comments from a publisher about the English language of your OnLine English-edited document, we will respond to any questions that you may have about those comments and will review any criticisms. We ask that if a publisher or reviewer alleges errors or other problems, specifics are pointed out so that we can provide a comprehensive response.

If it can be shown that we have left errors in a document or not met journal requirements (if a journal has been specified) then OnLine English will offer to re-edit a document without further charge or provide a discount on the next editing order or provide a full or partial refund, depending on the nature of the failure to provide the guaranteed services.


The guarantee applies once you have paid for the OnLine English service.

The guarantee applies only to comments on the English language of the document. It does not apply to comments on the academic or intellectual content of the document; this remains your responsibility.

If you make changes to an OnLine English-edited document, you must ask us to check those changes. We cannot be responsible for a document where you have made changes that we have not checked.

If we are requested to edit only parts of a document, then the guarantee applies only to those parts, as we cannot be responsible for parts that we have not edited.

Product returns do not apply to the services supplied by OnLine English.

Additional guarantees

OnLine English guarantees that we will:

  • take all reasonable precautions to ensure that your personal details and the contents of your documents are not disclosed to any other organization or individual, and
  • always return your documents on time (except where a delay is caused by internet failures outside of our control).
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