Editing service fees

The fee for the Gold editing service is regarded as the standard OnLine English fee.

  • AUD$65.00 document processing fee, plus AUD$94.50 per 1,000 words.
  • The Silver editing service has a 30% discount on the standard service.
  • The Platinum editing service has a 30% surcharge on the standard service.

The standard fee is based on the standard turn-around time and may be varied by the application of discounts and surcharges.

You can use our online fee calculator to show the cost of editing your document. Simply enter in the word count of your document and select the service options that you require.

Once you place an order, we send a message by email confirming the fee, usually within six hours. You know in advance exactly what you will be paying.

Surcharges may also be applied for documents that require heavy editing. Discounts are applied for large documents. The maximum total discount offered on any order is 30%.

Payment options

The preferred method of payment for new clients is to use a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or AMEX) with our secure online payment processing service.

Accepted credit cards - VISA, MasterCard and AMEX

Make a payment now

Once a client has established an account, there are four ways of paying OnLine English.

If paying by credit card, PayPal, or EFT, payment will be in Australian dollars, which your bank will convert into your currency.

If paying by cheque, we recommend payment in Australian dollars with a cheque drawn on an Australian bank. Such cheques are written by your local bank, but written on the cheque are the words: To an Australian Bank (for example: To the Australia and New Zealand Bank).

We also accept personal, company or bank cheques drawn on:

  • a Bahrain bank in Bahrain dinars
  • a British bank in UK pounds
  • a Canadian bank in Canadian dollars
  • a Danish bank in Danish kroner
  • a European bank in euro
  • a Hong Kong bank in Hong Kong dollars
  • a Japanese bank in Japanese yen
  • a Norwegian bank in Norwegian kroner
  • a Saudi bank in Saudi Arabian riyals
  • a Singapore bank in Singapore dollars
  • a South African Bank in South African rand
  • a Swedish bank in Swedish kronor
  • a Swiss bank in Swiss francs
  • a United Arab Emirates bank in UAE dirhams
  • a United States bank in US dollars.

Note: While we would prefer to accept payment in all currencies, we are limited to the above currencies by our bank’s policies.

OnLine English uses the exchange rates reported by Xenon Laboratories Inc.

Invoices and receipts (as PDF files) can be sent by email on request.

OnLine English must receive full payment within 14 days after an invoice is sent.

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