A small selection of the feedback we have received from OnLine English clients.

Our research group has found your service outstanding and use it exclusively.

Professor Dr Kenneth Caidahl
Karolinska Institute, Sweden

You are one of the best companies of scientific, medical and technical editing, because of your guarantees that research papers are edited by experts, covering a wide range of academic and research disciplines.

Dr Silvia-Esperanza Flores-Martinez
Mexican Social Security Institute, Mexico

Very thorough and professional. You make life easier for an academic. After I started using OnLine English my publication acceptance rate went up.

Gunnar Thomassen
Norwegian Police University College, Norway

Recently, I have often got emails from other services. But I never want to work with the other services, because I know you.

Professor Kazuhiro Fuchizaki
Ehime University, Japan

The service of OnLine English is wonderful. I always want to submit our manuscript to it for English correction.

Professor Dr Xiaoming Zeng
Frontier Institute of Science and Technology, Xi'an Jiaotong University, PR China

Outstanding, I am very satisfied.

Egon Hagen
Korfor – Center for Alcohol and Drug Research, Stavanger University Hospital, Norway

Excellent editing by native speakers with good understanding of the discipline.

Akio Tazuke
College of Agriculture, Ibaraki University, Japan

Perfect and excellent … I've recommended it to my colleagues.

Seong-Ryul Kwon
INHA University Hospital, South Korea

Fast and professional improvement of my manuscripts.

Stina Lou
Institute of Public Health, University of Aarhus, Denmark

Excellent in service … thanks for your quick work.

Dr A.
Nagoya University, Japan

I wrote an international conference paper on behalf of 21 co-authors. My submission was very late. Thanks to you, I was able to get it back in time. I think your express service is just like super express.

Professor Dr Michihiro Ohori
Research Institute of Nuclear Engineering, University of Fukui, Japan.

Many, many thanks for your message and attached file, proving once more the superior quality of the OnLine English service. Your customers are really privileged. As you understand, I am FULLY satisfied with the OLE-revised version and follow-up answers to my queries. Each of them was carefully dealt with by the editing team responsible for my document.

Client from Belgium

I have been using OnLine English for six-seven years. I am really satisfied with the editing work and correction of English. I also frequently use the follow-up service, which is very helpful…The referees comment that the English and the constitution of my paper are almost perfect. Thus, I can submit the paper to a high-level Journal. Thank you very much.

Client from Japan

I have received the manuscript and I am very satisfied with the work. I think the manuscript has been considerably improved and I most certainly would recommend OLE to colleagues. Once again thank you.

Client from Norway

After I asked you to correct my English-written papers, I have had no claims on the English from the reviewers and editors of the radiological scientific journals. Your service, speed, discounts, and contents really satisfy me.

Client from Japan

Right now the service quality you have is very professional. The fact that you gave me my reviewed paper after three days and you charged me almost two weeks later is something that speaks about the confidence you have in the quality of your service. I will definitely recommend OnLine English to my colleagues!

Client from Mexico

I am very satisfied with the OLE service. I am preparing several manuscripts right now and will appeal to the OLE service again in the next few months. Moreover, I have recommended the OLE to at least four of my friends.

Client from China

Thank you for your quick response to my questions.

Client from Japan

We are greatly satisfied with your work and the document has been submitted to the Journal. Moreover, we are most appreciative of your help with this important process, offering an additional 20% Quality English discount.

Client from Taiwan

Thank you very much for helping me with this manuscript. With the correction from OnLine English it is now ready to submit. Thanks again for the outstanding service.

Client from Germany

I want to warmly congratulate OnLine English on the much-deserved ISO 9001 accreditation and to say once again how much I appreciated OLE's unmatched professionalism in the past. I will be happy to appreciate it again even more in the future. All the best to you for a brighter and brighter future of your company.

Client from Belgium

I am completely satisfied with your revised version. Thank you much for the excellent service.

Client from Japan

It has been very well revised. I would really thank the editors for their important support. Your professional level is very high.

Client from Italy

I think that manuscript has been carefully revised. We very much appreciate your service. Thanks again for your fantastic service. With my best wishes.

Client from China

We have received our revised-document from OnLine English. Thank you very much for your service. It is true that the quality of OnLine English is very good. Certainly, OnLine English will be the English editor for our jobs in future. Best wishes to you.

Client from Japan

I also appreciate your editing team for detailed explanation about my questions. It is very helpful to me.

Client from Korea

Last time I was very pleased that the editor also suggested how to include the statistical test in the text of the paper. I had the idea that the editor really understood what my paper was about.

Client from Belgium

I appreciate your follow-up service and the editing team for their detailed explanations to my questions. It is very helpful to me.

Client from Korea

I am satisfied for your high-quality service. The document was checked very carefully. I would like to thank the people who check my document.

Client from Japan

I used your service two times and I was in each case really completely satisfied. Thank you for the trouble you have taken!

Client from Germany

I have been satisfied with your excellent editorial work, so I can recommend OnLine English to my colleagues. I think customers' recommendations are most important. Actually, I happen to know that OnLine English is a recommended editing service by a publisher.

Client from Japan

The revision completely conveys my intended meaning. Thank you for your best service. I hope to cooperate with you further.

Client from Korea

I would like to say thank you for your help handling my order nicely every time.

Client from Japan

I would like to thank you for the quick revision provided to our document.

Client from France

Thank you for your proofreading. I'm so relieved to have you revise my English document. Your job is so correct and speedy. I have no inquiry about the revised document.

Client from Japan

Thank you for your prompt response. All the suggestions have been checked. The correction is very helpful… Again, thank you very much, and please, send me an invoice.

Client from Japan

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