OnLine English provides a professional English correction and improvement editing service to those who need to reach an international audience.

OnLine English gives individuals, research organizations and businesses access to a large, expert team of academic and scientific consultants, covering all fields. It is a fast, efficient way of converting the English of your documents to English of the highest quality.

Our editing services


A budget proofreading service that still provides excellent results and is covered by the OnLine English quality guarantee.

  • An expert editor will ensure that your document is error-free and reads as if written by a native English speaker.
  • To qualify for the OnLine English Silver editing service, a document must not need a subject-area specialist editor or major corrective work (that is, it must not have highly technical content and must be in reasonably good English).

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The OnLine English Gold editing service is preferred by the majority of clients.

  • Two editors review each document: a subject-area specialist with a PhD in the relevant discipline, and a language specialist with many years of editorial experience.
  • The document will have all errors corrected and will read as if written by a native English-speaking professional in the subject area.
  • The style and expression will be improved, and if required, the document will be checked carefully for adherence to journal instructions.
  • We continue to work with clients until they are satisfied with the work that has been performed.

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Our Platinum editing service offers everything covered by the Gold editing service, but with additional attention including rewriting where required, editorial focus on overall document structure, and substantial improvement to style, flow, and expression beyond the level provided by the Gold editing service.

  • This level of service provides a review by a senior subject-area specialist with a PhD and a substantial journal publication record, and a senior language specialist, and a final quality check by one of OnLine English’s senior reviewers.
  • Clients are assured that documents at the Platinum editing service level are receiving the highest standard of editorial attention.
  • While not a peer review service, Platinum editing service editors will offer comment where there may be issues related to standard methodology or other technical or specialist content to which an author may need to devote additional attention. We do point out that this is still an editing service and is not at the level of peer review.

The Platinum editing service is not available for LaTeX documents.
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As an additional service, full or partial reformatting is available with all three editing-level options to ensure that your document conforms to all requirements of ANY journal you nominate. The service can cover text (30% surcharge), or references (30% surcharge), or both (50% surcharge).

Turn-around times

We always provide a clear turn-around time when we send quotations or confirmations of orders. The standard OnLine English editing turn-around times are as follows.

  • Fewer than 400 words: two days
  • 400 – 1,999 words: three days
  • 2,000 – 5,999 words: four days
  • 6,000 – 7,999 words: five days
  • 8,000 – 9,999 words: six days
  • 10,000 – 11,999 words: seven days
  • Longer documents: by negotiation

If the reformatting service is requested, the standard turn-around time is increased by two days for up to 6,000 words, or three days for 6,000 words or more.

An express service of half the standard turn-around time is available for Silver, Gold, and Platinum editing services, for an additional fee (50% surcharge).

The turn-around time commences when OnLine English confirms acceptance of an order, usually within six hours of receiving the document.

Accepted file formats

OnLine English accepts files using the following software:

  • Microsoft Word for Windows (versions 2 – current)
  • Microsoft Word for Mac (versions 4 – current)
  • Microsoft Works for Windows (versions 2 – current)
  • Microsoft Works for Mac (versions 3 – 4)
  • LaTeX, TeX
  • Rich Text Format – RTF
  • Scientific Word
  • Scientific Workplace
  • Text files – simple text (ASCII)
  • WordPerfect for Windows (versions 5 – current)
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint

Please DO NOT send:

  • Adobe acrobat (PDF) files (unless for reference purposes)
  • Attached image files (.jpeg, .tiff, .gif, .emf, etc.)
  • Style and other associated files used by LaTeX/TeX software

For LaTeX files

Please send a PDF copy for reference purposes.

If your document is composed of multiple files, please consolidate them into a single file for editing. (See

Large graphics

If possible, please remove large graphics (>500kb) from files before sending.

Reference management software

Please note that OnLine English does not edit citations or references generated by reference management software such as EndNote, ProCite or Biblioscape, because of incompatibility between versions of this software, and because our changes may be overwritten if the citations or references are regenerated later. However, we will note separately any corrections needed to such citations or references.

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